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Introducing Perfect Fit Blinds

Posted by Stuart Waring on 8 August 2016
Introducing Perfect Fit Blinds

The brilliant internal blind system tailor-made for uPVC windows and doors, manufactured exclusively in SA by Australian Window Solutions.

Liven up your windows with Perfect Fit blinds. For the ultimate in style, choose Louvolite Perfect Fit® a unique fitting system developed by Louvolite that requires no drilling or screwing during installation.

Quick and easy to install, stylish and contemporary in appearance, choose Perfect Fit to complement your venetian and pleated blinds for that extra finishing touch.

Louvolite Perfect Fit® is the most attractive and innovative window blind available on the market today. The system is unique because the window blind fits neatly into a stylish frame, which moves together with the windows and doors when they are opened and closed giving you the perfect combination of shade and ventilation.


  • A huge range of fabric colours and textures to match your interior design scheme
  • No drilling or screwing into your window frames for a quick and clean installation
  • Reduced gaps at the edge of the blinds increases your privacy
  • Energy efficient fabrics to save you money
  • Leaves window sills clutter free
  • Easily removable for cleaning


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Thanks Guys!

Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 18 May 2016
Thanks Guys!

We are writing to say a huge thankyou to Stuart and his team for our fantastic windows & doors.
We are so pleased with the way they perform and the ease at which they open and close. They are rock solid.
What was really special for us was a series of folding stays which Stuart sourced specifically for our project.
Everyone who comes through our house (including the 2 Sustainable House Days so far) have commented on our Windows and Doors and we proudly tell them who we got them from.

We'll certainly be using Australian Window Solutions Windows and Doors on our next house.

Nathan & Ali

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Posted on 9 May 2016

Showing just how recyclable uPVC window profiles are, the UK has achieved record recycling rates in 2015 with 61,886 tonnes of the product being reprocessed during the year.

In widespread use for decades in the UK as a thermally efficient type of window, many are now being upgraded by new styles of high performing uPVC windows, creating a viable waste recovery and recycling market for the material. In 2015, the UK industry reported recycling the equivalent of 4.3 million uPVC windows through the European PVC industry recycling scheme, Recovinyl, enabling ongoing growth and investment in the PVC recycling sector.

Last modified on Monday, 09 May 2016

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See Us At The Home Expo!

Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 13 April 2016

APRIL 23rd - 25th

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Posted by Stuart Waring on 24 March 2016


Posted by uPVC Windows Alliance on Thursday, 24 March 2016 

There are widespread concerns about the actual performance of Australian homes that are supposed to be achieving minimum energy efficiency standards in the National Construction Code (NCC).

While 6 stars NatHERS energy rating* is the minimum requirement for design of new houses in Australia, how those houses actually perform is another matter, depending on the quality of the build, products and materials, compliance and crucially, how well sealed the building envelope is to retain thermal efficiency.

CSIRO completed a report in December 2015 for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (whhich administers NatHERS) investigating air-tightness, insulation and heating/cooling ductwork aspects of new house construction in capital cities around Australia. Apart from some older (10 years) houses, most of the houses surveyed were assumed to have been built within the last 3 years to the 6 star NatHERS standard.  


Physically measuring Air Changes per Hour at 50 Pascals pressure (ACH@50Pa) at the houses, a wide range of air tightness results were found by the CSIRO researchers with an average of 15.4 ACH@50Pa. Almost half the houses were above 15 ACH@50Pa suggesting they are not particularly well sealed from an energy efficiency perspective. About a third were less than 10 ACH@50Pa, with the top performing house which had a specific design objective for air tightness, at 1.4. There's clearly great room for improvement for the bulk of Australian housing.

The report suggests that the quality of window sealing may be one of the factors having an impact on air tightness. Many uPVC window systems have built-in sealing systems so that there is a tight seal between the window frame and wall. Houses with uPVC windows surveyed by CSIRO were found, with one exception, to have lower air change rates than most other houses.

The report authors concluded that consideration should be given to setting specific air tightness requirements in the NCC (next due for revision in 2019), recommending a value of no more than 10 ACH@50Pa be adopted.

Furthermore, they suggested that NatHERS allow incorporation of certified air pressure results into NatHERS calculations, so that high performing houses like those using uPVC windows, can receive higher star ratings. At the moment a 6 star NatHERS rating at design stage is no guarantee the house will be energy efficient once built.

Read the full report: House Energy Efficiency Inspections Project.

* NatHERS: Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme
Last modified on Thursday, 24 March 2016

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New Accreditation Scheme For Australian Compliant uPVC Profiles

Posted by Stuart Waring on 4 February 2016
An Australian Industry Code of Practice (ICP) and accreditation scheme for uPVC (vinyl) profiles to be used in windows and doors has been released.

uPVC windows are known around the world for being durable, low maintenance, thermally efficient products. However, one of the most common queries from specifiers, builders and consumers about uPVC windows in Australia is whether the profiles will discolour because of high UV conditions here in Australia.

Launched by the uPVC Window Alliance - an initiative of the Vinyl Council - the purpose of the ICP is to provide greater confidence in the durability of uPVC profiles under Australian climatic conditions and to reduce the concern that uPVC profiles will discolour. The ICP sets specific composition, weathering resistance, colour and strength requirements for extruded uPVC profiles for use in windows and doors in Australian buildings.

Manufacturers of profiles that have been independently verified as meeting the ICP performance requirements may apply for licensed use of the ICP accreditation mark in relation to the compliant profiles. This mark provides a simple way for specifiers, builders and customers to identify accredited uPVC profiles, tested for Australia's extreme climate.

All profiles used by Australian Window Solutions are ICP accredited. Make sure your supplier can offer the same!

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Posted by Stuart Waring on 22 December 2015
Tired of your precious home heating or cooling escaping through old single-pane windows? Or are you becoming frustrated with growing traffic noise affecting your indoor comfort? Then it might be time to consider an upgrade to uPVC double-glazing to improve the energy efficiency or the acoustic insulation of your home.

Not only will double-glazing improve your indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, using quality insulating frames such as uPVC will enhance these benefits further.

It is a common misconception that quality window frames can only be used when building a new home from scratch or as part of a new extension. Today's uPVC windows can be retrofitted into virtually any type of property, from residential houses and apartments to commercial buildings.

With quality hardware and glass, uPVC window systems last for 35+ years, with minimal maintenance such as an annual wash with soapy water. They don't need to be painted, have excellent moisture resistance and can withstand the Australian sun.

Contemporary uPVC windows offer a wide range of modern design options and colours including different woodgrains and plain and metallic colours to suit all types of architectural styles. uPVC windows have been proven in Europe and the US to be a highly suitable choice even for the restoration of historical buildings.
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Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 11 December 2015


South Australia's largest double glazing specialist, Australian Window Solutions, are pleased to announce an exclusive double glazing finance partnership with one of the Country's leading finance specialists.

This exclusive partnership will deliver affordable and competitive double glazing finance of up to 60 Months to make purchasing ultra energy efficient and sound insulating uPVC double glazing more convenient.

With the cost of living ever increasing, finance is a great way to purchase a whole house lot of windows in one go, therefore maximising energy savings on those ever increasing and unwanted energy bill rises.

In addition to savings of up to 74% on energy bills, making a whole house purchase also protects you from potential price increases in material and labour costs, therefore helping you to save even more money than if projects were done a bit at a time!

Offering terms of up to 60 months, our partnering comany's quick decision processing system makes the whole process smooth and simple.

For further details on typical payment plans, call Stuart Waring today to discuss your finance payment options.

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See Us At The Adelaide Home Show

Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 4 September 2015
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Sustainable House Day 2015

Posted by Stuart Waring on 4 August 2015
Sustainable House Day 2015

Australian Window Solutions have their ultra energy efficient uPVC double glazed windows and doors on display at 5 locations in this years event. Please call us for details of participaing houses in a location near you.


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