Benefits of Australian Window Solutions Screening Solutions:


Wide range of mesh options to suit your doors and windows

Low Maintenance

Our screens require very minor care

Corrosion Resistant

Made for the Australian climate

Custom Made

At our Factory to perfectly fit your Windows and Doors


Fixed Screen

Fixed Directly attached to your window, designed to stay there permanently. Can be made from a variety of fine mesh materials.

Sliding Fly Door

Comes in a range of mesh options. Available for sliding or hinged doors

Retractable Pleated Screen

Ideal for screening large openings while maintaining the modern and sleek style of your home. Pleated retractable style


Insect Screen

Is a stainless steel mesh, this is the most common type of mesh flyscreen for doors and windows.

Benefits: Versatile, affordable and offers great visibility

Barrier Screen - Medium Security

For screening windows and doors in the harshest conditions. Benefits: Visibility, Corrosion Resistant and Bush fire rated up to BAL40

Security Screen

Designed with high security in mind.. Benefits: Resistant to force, durable and will not dent, complete with triple locking and also offers visibility, corrosion resistance and Bush fire rated up to BAL40


Compliant with Australian Standards

Engineered and independently tested to comply with Australian Standards

Suits all building types

Render, brick and block work, pre-cast panels and lightweight construction

Bushfire rated

Certified up to BAL 40 with appropriate screening solution and no fixed lites

Added Safety

Long lasting, high security multi point locking systems

Superior Design

Carefully crafted to enhance your Windows and Doors Style

Australian Window Solutions Warranty

Comes with Australian Window Solutions 10 year manufacturer's warranty  instead of industry standard of 7 years