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New Accreditation Scheme For Australian Compliant uPVC Profiles

Posted by Stuart Waring on 4 February 2016
An Australian Industry Code of Practice (ICP) and accreditation scheme for uPVC (vinyl) profiles to be used in windows and doors has been released.

uPVC windows are known around the world for being durable, low maintenance, thermally efficient products. However, one of the most common queries from specifiers, builders and consumers about uPVC windows in Australia is whether the profiles will discolour because of high UV conditions here in Australia.

Launched by the uPVC Window Alliance - an initiative of the Vinyl Council - the purpose of the ICP is to provide greater confidence in the durability of uPVC profiles under Australian climatic conditions and to reduce the concern that uPVC profiles will discolour. The ICP sets specific composition, weathering resistance, colour and strength requirements for extruded uPVC profiles for use in windows and doors in Australian buildings.

Manufacturers of profiles that have been independently verified as meeting the ICP performance requirements may apply for licensed use of the ICP accreditation mark in relation to the compliant profiles. This mark provides a simple way for specifiers, builders and customers to identify accredited uPVC profiles, tested for Australia's extreme climate.

Author:Stuart Waring
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