Posted by Stuart Waring on 22 December 2015
Tired of your precious home heating or cooling escaping through old single-pane windows? Or are you becoming frustrated with growing traffic noise affecting your indoor comfort? Then it might be time to consider an upgrade to uPVC double-glazing to improve the energy efficiency or the acoustic insulation of your home.

Not only will double-glazing improve your indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, using quality insulating frames such as uPVC will enhance these benefits further.

It is a common misconception that quality window frames can only be used when building a new home from scratch or as part of a new extension. Today's uPVC windows can be retrofitted into virtually any type of property, from residential houses and apartments to commercial buildings.

With quality hardware and glass, uPVC window systems last for 35+ years, with minimal maintenance such as an annual wash with soapy water. They don't need to be painted, have excellent moisture resistance and can withstand the Australian sun.

Contemporary uPVC windows offer a wide range of modern design options and colours including different woodgrains and plain and metallic colours to suit all types of architectural styles. uPVC windows have been proven in Europe and the US to be a highly suitable choice even for the restoration of historical buildings.
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Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 11 December 2015


South Australia's largest double glazing specialist, Australian Window Solutions, are pleased to announce an exclusive double glazing finance partnership with one of the Country's leading finance specialists.

This exclusive partnership will deliver affordable and competitive double glazing finance of up to 60 Months to make purchasing ultra energy efficient and sound insulating uPVC double glazing more convenient.

With the cost of living ever increasing, finance is a great way to purchase a whole house lot of windows in one go, therefore maximising energy savings on those ever increasing and unwanted energy bill rises.

In addition to savings of up to 74% on energy bills, making a whole house purchase also protects you from potential price increases in material and labour costs, therefore helping you to save even more money than if projects were done a bit at a time!

Offering terms of up to 60 months, our partnering comany's quick decision processing system makes the whole process smooth and simple.

For further details on typical payment plans, call Stuart Waring today to discuss your finance payment options.

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Composite Decking - Australian Made!

Posted by Stuart Waring on 31 October 2015


AWS decking is suitable for a wide range of markets.

AWS decking is available in various lengths, made to order. Get the length you require so you are not paying for waste.

AWS Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is an engineered product combining the wood of nature and the plastic of modern living.

AWS embraces the change in consumer requirements and have developed a range of decking for the market and looking towards the future.

AWS decking is easy to install and requires no special tools. 


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Seaford Showroom Closed 10th October

Posted on 7 October 2015

Please be aware due to the HIA Home Show on the 9th - 11th October, our Seaford Showroom will be closed this coming Saturday. You can find us at the stand F165 - F166 just by the South Entrance doors.




Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 2 October 2015

Dear Customers


Our Seaford showroom will be closed at 4pm this Friday for the holiday weekend and will re-open on Tuesday 6th October at 8am. Please note our products are still avaiable for viewing throughout the weekend at our Home Ideas Centre display, corner of Main South and the Anzac Highway.


Please contact the centre directly 08 8297 1066 to confirm opening times for this weekend.


See Us At The Adelaide Home Show

Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 4 September 2015
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Sustainable House Day 2015

Posted by Stuart Waring on 4 August 2015
Sustainable House Day 2015

Australian Window Solutions have their ultra energy efficient uPVC double glazed windows and doors on display at 5 locations in this years event. Please call us for details of participaing houses in a location near you.


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Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 21 July 2015

Posted by uPVCWindows Alliance on Monday, 20 July 2015

uPVC window frames are a unique construction alternative that offer proven durability and performance.

PVC is an incredibly versatile polymer used for a vast range of building products from potable water pressure pipes to power cables and hygienic hospital flooring. The 'u' in uPVC simply means un-plasticised PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It means the polymer is in a hard, rigid form rather than flexible or soft.

uPVC is an ideal material for long-lasting, low maintenance, thermally efficient windows. It is these key features that have led to uPVC windows being the most popular choice in Europe and America for decades. In Australia, they have been in use for around 25 years. But it is only more recently that their popularity has started to grow as homeowners and builders alike are looking for better products and materials to construct more energy efficient homes.

Unlike alternative, traditional materials for frames, uPVC is water and salt resistant and thermally non-conductive so it can withstand the extremes of heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow without problems of warping, corroding, rotting, peeling, chipping or flaking. uPVC provides an all-round, more durable option.

This makes uPVC windows low maintenance and easy to maintain. Although most popular as white profiles, they are available in a variety of modern colours. Whether white or coloured, uPVC window frames won't need painting or sealing, significantly reducing maintenance over their life time. They can be easily cleaned with water and detergent.

Quality Australian suppliers and fabricators of uPVC windows comply with the Australian Standard for windows (AS2047) which stipulates uPVC frames must have testing certificates that demonstrate compliance with high UV conditions. This gives consumers extra confidence that they can resist the harsh Australian sun, meaning uPVC windows are a tough, durable, and sustainable window option that deliver a high level of energy efficiency and performance.


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Posted by Australian Window Solutions on 6 July 2015

Take advantage of our Stock Clearance Special on our range of European manufactured Twinson Composite Decking. These prices are never to be repeated, call us now for pricing and details!

  • Natural Appearance * Splinter Free * Termite Resistant * Does Not Split * Durable * Low Maintenance * Water Resistant * East To Fit Concealed System * Robust * High Slip Resistance - Even When Wet * 100% Recyclable

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