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uPVC Energy Saving Window

Ultra Energy Efficient Windows With uPVC Double Glazing

Are you looking for innovative energy efficient double glazed windows at a lower cost?

Australian Window Solutions are Adelaide and South Australia's specialist in sustainable and ultra energy efficient  double glazing 

uPVC framed double glazing outperforms aluminium & timber windows in many key areas, including:

  • Outstanding Thermal Performance

  • Better Noise Insulation

  • Improved Weather Protection

  • More Security Features

  • Lower Maintenance


$ for $ There Is No Better Performing Window on the Market


  • uPVC windows have over 60% market share of world wide window systems and over 80% share of Europe and the United States including high UV climates

  • uPVC double glazed windows are more cost effective to manufacture than aluminium and use 3.5 times less energy to produce

  • uPVC windows have received top marks for environmental performance in a key international sustainable building rating system

  • uPVC windows consistently provide the lowest 'U' values at the lowest cost often being the most affordable double glazed window available

  • Our uPVC profiles are specifically adapted for Australias harsh environment and are fully tested and accredited with AS2047


For further details on how we can assist your projects with the most cost effective double glazed window solutions

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